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Andy has been a fan of Elvis Presley ever since watching Jailhouse Rock as a kid. He was amazed by Elvis's looks, charisma and fantastic voice. After singing Elvis songs for friends they encouraged Andy to become an Elvis Tribute Artist. Because of Elvis Andy has learned to sing and play the guitar. He has gained critical acclaim from Elvis's personal friends, fellow Elvis Tributes and Elvis fans.  Andy has had an amazing journey.



He is an award winning Elvis Tribute Artist having won a singing competition judged by one of the UK's biggest radio stations. He has been a top ten European Elvis Championships finalist three times in a row in three different Elvis eras. He is an Elvis International Masters Championships' Finalist. He has performed worldwide and showcased at many prestigious Elvis conventions. He has performed in front of Elvis's bodyguard Sam Thompson and Elvis's tour manager Charles Stone. He has also performed in front of Suzie Quatro. Andy has performed in theatres as Elvis Presley including his own Elvis tribute theatre show, Elvis - The Rock 'N' Roll Years.




Andy has a large collection of the worlds most authentic costumes from every Elvis era including an authentic reproduction of the 1957 Hollywood Stripe jacket, an original American Army Green uniform from 1958, the year Elvis Presley was drafted into the Army. He uses master belt maker Arthur Caetano who has recreated a belt displayed on Elvis's original Aqua Blue Vine jumpsuit and the world's premier costume company B&K Enterprises who are officially endorsed by Elvis Presley's costume designers Bill Belew and Gene Doucette to make his many costumes. Andy's costumes include The Gold lame jacket, Speedway and Viva Las Vegas jackets, the '68 Comeback leather suit, The '69 Interview suit and 13 jumpsuits. Gene Doucette still does the embroidery for B&K Enterprises' embroidery suit orders I have a copy of the gold belt that was awarded to Elvis by the Hilton International Hotel in 1969 for record audience attendance. His props include, both the '56 and '57 tooled leather guitar covers and replicas of guitars Elvis used throughout his career as well as an original cherry red Hagstrom Viking 2 semi acoustic guitar, the same make of guitar Elvis used in his critically acclaimed 1968 NBC television Special, titled Elvis, together with a guitar strap identical to the one Elvis wore in that show. He owns many reproductions of the sunglasses Elvis wore. He use's the most authentic backing tracks for smaller shows and can work with a band and backing singers for bigger shows, all including fantastic sound and lighting.


Andy has visited Elvis's home in Tupelo, the Baptist church in Tupelo, where Elvis first discovered gospel music, and his Graceland mansion in Memphis. Andy has performed on Beale street and recorded at the very same studio Elvis first recorded at, Sun Studios in Memphis. Andy has been endorsed by Elvis's favourite Gospel group The Blackwoods having been invited to sing with them. The Blackwoods manager Ron Blackwood said "You look so much like Elvis it's scary, we'd love to sing with you, we'd be honoured." Andy has performed in the world's first official tribute show to the late country music legend and Elvis's close friend Glen Campbell, singing with Glen's daughter Debbie Campbell. Andy has met Elvis's original lead guitarist, Scotty Moore, Elvis's original drummer, D.J. Fontana and Elvis's original backing singer from The Sweet Inspirations, Estelle Brown. Andy has met the original clothier to Elvis, Bernard Lansky and Gene Doucette who designed Elvis's costumes on and off stage clothing from 1972 to 1977. Andy has met two of Elvis's movie co stars Cynthia Pepper and Marlyn Mason. Andy is lucky enough to own Elvis's original cufflinks and tie pin, gifted to him by his wife, which Elvis had gifted to Mickey Deans, Judy Garland's fifth and final husband, to display at his Las Vegas night club. Andy has also had the honour of holding Elvis's gold belt which was awarded to Elvis by the Hilton International Hotel for the record audience attendance at his shows at the hotel. Andy's priority is to always keep the memory of Elvis Presley alive in the most respectful and authentic way.