Tribute Artist

"You look so much like Elvis it's scary. We'd love to sing with you Andy! We'd be Honored."

- The Blackwoods ,one of Elvis's favourite groups who sang at Elvis's mothers funeral and also later on at Elvis's funeral

"I have known Andy on and off stage about three years. I've hired him to perform four times. Each time he brings the house down. The finest Elvis tribute I have ever seen. In my capacity to sit in judgement on many levels the man is indeed a star there is no doubt. He is going to be a major player with his Elvis act.Each time he appears here in Macclesfield he makes the local papers. In Truth he does not just look like Elvis, I should know I met him twice in '74 and '75, he also sounds like him. Also he is a beautiful, gentle man whom comes down among the audience and meet and greets. All the crowds go wild for him. He is a deeply loved and respected man around these parts. Whenever he is due to appear folk cancel their plans, they just won't miss that man. That voice that sings Elvis is not dead but back among us singing loud and clear. Elvis is back to stay."

- Sean Mulhern, former Magistrate

"This Guy Andy is one of the best out there! I Have been in shows in Vegas, Reno,Tahoe...for 31 years now.I saw many guys try out for shows i was in,Legends Of Rock 'n' Roll,American Superstars,Elvis,Elvis,Elvis, For The Love Of Elvis,etc.90% of these ETA'S NOW WOULD NOT BE HIRED IN THESE SHOWS, but ANDY would make it - I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY. YOU ROCK ELVIS RENO!"

- Brian Andrews ETA

"Andy performed a fantastic showcase for us at the Hilton Elvis Easter Spectacular. A true Elvis fan, Andy Reno incorporates the vocals, moves and costumes into his performance with ease. A big hit with all in attendance, we look forward to working with him again soon."

- Michael King ETA and owner of The European Elvis Championships and The Elvis Easter Spectacular

"I first saw Andy Reno's Elvis tribute show nearly 20 years ago, and I was as excited back then as I am now, but just as a good wine improves with age, so has Andy Reno, when you attend a Reno show, you feel as if Elvis Himself had just leapt onto the stage, be it either 50's 60's or 70's Elvis this guy can do it all, and BOY what a voice, he has an awesome vocal range, he can have you crying with his heart breaking love songs, dancing to his fast rockers, or just sitting back and enjoying Elvis In Vegas. Andy Reno's stage costumes are so authentic, you'd think that they had come direct from the Graceland Archives, but what gets to me most about this man is his obvious and honest love of Presley. He may have the brooding good looks, the curled lip, and shaky leg, but its sheer determination to keep the spirit of Elvis Presley alive in our minds and in our hearts, which he does from the second he steps onto the stage, up until the time he leaves....Elvis may have left the building, but Andy Reno will make sure that he never leaves our lives!!"

- Ged Fitzgerald

"Love the singing,Love the clothes.One word from me Andy - Awesome!"

-Lorraine Hart

"Fantastic - A Class Act"

- Beverly Pearson Bracken

"Andy aka ELVIS was absolutely fantastic helping us celebrate my mothers 60th birthday, none stop dancing from us all. He was amazing, gave us the entertainment we needed. To the outfits, the singing and of course the moves, he has it!!!! Highly recommend Andy if you are a lover of Elvis." - Cheri Ann